Serious Mental Illness Registry FAQ

How might the registry benefit me?

It is unlikely that you will receive any direct benefit as a result of your participation in the Serious Mental Illness Research Registry. However, medical record information contained within the Research Registry will be used for research studies directed at improving our knowledge and treatment of psychosis and this knowledge may benefit patients with psychosis in the future.  If you are a person who is interested in participating in research, consenting to have your name placed in the registry allows researchers to contact you with information about their studies.  You have the final decision about participating in any research study. As a registry participant, you can refuse to participate in any research study for which you are approached.

How does the registry benefit researchers?

First, the Research Registry allows researchers to review and study the medical records of many individuals to answer questions about your disease and its treatment.  Second, it will help researchers identify and recruit individuals who are eligible for participation in future research studies.  For example, physicians and other researchers associated with the UPMC Center for Psychosis are also frequently involved in research studies directed at evaluating the safety and effectiveness of drugs, devices, or procedures for the treatment of psychosis.  If you agree to participate in this Research Registry, your medical record information will be reviewed by physicians and researchers to determine if you might qualify for various future research studies.  You will be contacted by a member of a research team to inform you of specific opportunities to participate in research studies.  Again, you can refuse to participate in any research study for which you are contacted.

Can I withdraw from the registry?

You may withdraw, at any time, your consent for participation in the Serious Mental Illness Research Registry, to include the additional collection of your medical record information and its further use for the research purposes described above. However, any research use of your medical record information prior to the date that you formally withdraw your permission will not be destroyed.

How do I become part of the registry?

To get more information or to sign up for the registry, call 412-246-JOIN (5646). A member of the Center for Psychosis will be happy to assist you.

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For more information please email or call 412-246-JOIN (5646)