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Director: Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                       Program Coordinator: Marlee Pyzewski

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects


Protocol - PI

Basic Science - Healthy people

A Pilot Study Investigating the Reliability of fMRI Imaging Data Across 3T Scanners - Szigethy & Siegle

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Emotional Processing in Social Contexts - Lee

Genetic Variation in Brain Function - Siegle

Neural Correlates of Emotion Understanding - Svetlova

Components of Pupillary Dilation & cognition - Steinhauer

Conditions eliciting enhanced and decreased amygdala activity to emotional faces - Siegle

Teen Chatroom Study - Silk

Mapping Brain Architecture Supporting Experience Based Cognition - Schneinder

The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Affect Regulation in Young Adults - Franzen

A Pilot Study of the Impact of Sleep and Sleep Loss on Health and Well-Being - Franzen

Specificity of Reward Experiences (SORE) - Siegle & Prause


Basic Science - Mental Disorder

Neurobiology of inhibitory control in late-life suicide - Dombrovski

Comprehensive Examination of the Association Between Sleep and Suicidality in Youth with Bipolar Disorder  - Goldstein

Physiological and Neuroimaging Assessment of Emotional Information Processing in Depression - Siegle

Neural Mechanisms of Problem-Solving and Rumination in Depression Study - Jones

Sleep Neuroscience in Depression - Siegle

AgeWise II Phase A Pilot Studies: Correlates and Consequences of Late-Life Insomnia - Hall & Siegle

Youth Emotional and Social Development Study - Silk

Emotion Regulation in Bipolar Adolescents - Goldstein

Risk for Adolescent Depression: Brain Development Study - Silk

Interpersonal Functioning and Emotion in Borderline Personality - Pilkonis

Blunted and Discordant Affect (BADA) Siegle & D'Andrea



Improving CBT Homework Adherence Using Mobile Technology (Phase II): Pilot Testing - Callan

Intensive Outpatient Program Chart Review - Ghinassi

Improving CBT Homework Adherence Using Mobile Technology - Callan

Does CBT Homework Adherence Affect Clinical Outcome? - Callan

Computer Use Survey among depressed patients - Callan


Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

AgeWise II Project 2: Emotional Cues and Stress as Probes of Hyperarousal in Older Adults with Insomnia - Hall & Siegle

Thought-challenging in formerly depressed individuals who have responded to Cognitive Therapy - Siegle & Paul

Feasibility of adjunctive fMRI scanning in Cognitive Therapy for unipolar major depression - Siegle

Randomized Controlled Trial of Dialectical Behavior Therapy versus Standard Clinical Care for Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder - Goldstein

Child Anxiety Treatment Study (CATS) - Ryan (Siegle, Project PI)

The Psychobiology of Childhood Anxiety and Depression: fMRI- Ryan (Siegle, Project PI)

Imaging Antidepressant vs. Cognitive Behavior Therapy Effects on Unipolar Depression - Siegle

Reducing Depressive Symptoms in Physically Ill Youth - Szigethy

Functional Neuroanatomy of Recovery from Depression - Siegle


Neuroscience-derived Treatments

Cognitive Control Training for Depression - Siegle

PASS (Positive Affect Stimulation and Sustainment) Intervention Study for Youth Depression - McMakin

Positive Affective Functioning-Module for Adolescent Depression: Feasibility and Predicting Treatment Response - McMakin

Biologically Accelerated Learning Technology (BALT) - Schneider

Examining the effects of cognitive tasks on mood - Siegle

Assessment of Sustained Processing During an Attention Control Intervention for Depression - Siegle

Intervention for Instrusive Negative Thinking - Siegle

Past Studies

Physiological and Neuroimaging Assessment of Depression

An Attention Control Intervention for Depression

Emotional monitoring in children

Computational modeling of interactions between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex

Variation in amygdala size over the lifespan in depression

Attention Bias Modification for Transdiagnostic Anxiety