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Director: Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                       Program Coordinator: Mandy Collier


PICAN Group Photo

left to right: Greg Siegle, Alex Dombrovski, Carla Mazefsky, Emily Brickell, Jen Kurtzman, Kevin Topolski, Wessyl Kelly, Mandy Collier, Olivia Conner, Ashley McFarland, Neil Jones, Jennifer Silk, Adam Magerman, Dana Rofey
second row, floor, left to right: Kyung Hwa Lee, Ben Paul, Darcy Mandel, Dana McMakin

Director: Greg Siegle, Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Tetsuya Yamamoto, Ph.D.

    My research interests are vulnerability assessment and intervention for depression. Using an approach based on neuroendocrinology and cognitive neuroscience (e.g., cortisol, BDNF, EEG, fMRI), I have been conducting experiments aimed at understanding the vulnerability mechanisms for depression. My current interests include child abuse, recurrent depression, and cognitive dysfunction. To develop a more effective treatment, I believe that vulnerability has to be understood from the pathophysiological and psychological perspectives.  


    Graduate Students

  • Darcy Mandel, M.S.
    My research primarily involves the investigation of individual differences in cognitive and biological processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of emotion-related psychopathology. In Dr. Siegle’s lab, I have been using fMRI to examine functional neural correlates of biased information processing in clinical populations. I’m particularly interested in linking trait characteristics with maladaptive patterns in the way individuals process incoming emotional information. I am currently working on identifying neural correlates of interoceptive awareness in anxious youth and depressive rumination in adults with MDD.


         Project Coordinators

  • Mandy Collier, B.S.
    I am interested in cognitive biases in mood disorders, (i.e.--predicting negative outcomes, or interpreting stimuli as negative) and how the biases impact physiology, depressive symptoms, and recovery. Two ongoing projects include a cognitive training study of undergraduates and an fMRI analysis of word rating data from pre and post-treatment scans of depressed adults.

         Research Specialists

  • Thomas Kraynak, B.A.

    I am broadly interested in how stress influences psychological functioning and relates to poor health outcomes. Questions include how endogenous (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease activity) and exogenous (e.g., early life maltreatment) stressors impact physiological systems that regulate mood and arousal, and how these relationships promote mental and physical health consequences.

     Research Clinician

  • Sarah Caligiuri, LPC


         Research Administrator


         Former Staff