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Director: Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                       Program Coordinator: Marlee Pyzewski













standing, left to right: Greg Siegle, Kymberly Young, Scott Barb, Philip Himmelstein, Min Zhang, and Logan Cummings
sitting, left to right: Marlee Pyzewski, Sarah Caligiuri, Jahala Orsini, and Tony Cao


Director: Greg Siegle, Ph.D.

         Project Coordinators

  • Marlee Pyzewski, B.A.

    My research interests include the social, neural, and physiological aspects of adults with neurological disorders. I am interested in further understanding the psychophysiological responses to emotional stimuli, and the cognitive processes of neurological disorders. I am currently looking at pre- and post-treatment behavioral and neurological changes in ruminative adults by use of a cognitive training task.

        Research Specialists

  • Tony Cao, B.S.

    My broad research interests include physiological and functional associations in the way people with different mood disorders express or control their emotions. I am currently looking at differences in resting state networks and correlations between those differences and various psychological measurements. 

  • Marlene Strege, MS

    Research Clinician

  • Marlene Strege, MS


    Research Administrator


         Former Staff