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Director: Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                       Program Coordinator: Marlee Pyzewski

Recent Awards

 June 5, 2014
Research Specialist Thomas Kraynak wins Best Staff Poster at the Annual Department of Psychiatry Research Day for his presentation of "Childhood Trauma is Associated with Exaggerated Neural Reactivity to Criticism", an analysis of neuroimaging data from the Emotion & Physiology Assessment Study

 June 5, 2014
Gradaute student Darcy Mandell wins the Clinical Psychology program's Bassell Student Publication Award  for her excellent publication:

Neural substrates of trait ruminations in depression.

Mandell, Darcy; Siegle, Greg J.; Shutt, Luann; Feldmiller, Josh; Thase, Michael E.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol 123(1), Feb 2014, 35-48. doi: 10.1037/a0035834


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Clinic of the Future: Aiming for Faster Depression Relief -reported in the Wall Street Jounal
What if there was a physical test or scan that could predict which therapies could most quickly and effectively help a patient suffering from depression?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Pupil dilation may link to depression-VIA the Daily Pennsylvanian
Pupillometry could provide clinicians with clues as to how to treat patients with depression

The saying, “eyes are the windows to the soul” may be more than just a proverb.

According to one Penn researcher, pupillometry — the measurement of the pupil’s width — may be able to help clinicians figure out the right treatment method for patients who struggle with depression.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, along with Michael Thase — a professor of psychiatry at Penn’s School of Medicine — have recently published a study in Biological Psychiatry which suggests that measuring pupil dilation can help predict whether a patient will respond to cognitive therapy.

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