Emotion Regulation in Depression Study



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Current Studies


* Attention Bias Modification for Transdiagnostic Anxiety

Assessment Only:

* Emotion/Physiology

* Emotion Regulation in Depression Study


Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are looking for adults with depression to participate in a research study that examines how people who suffer from depression process emotional information. There are two possible visits. The first visit involves a screening assessment, psychiatric interview and questionnaires.  At the second visit, participants will complete computer tasks during an fMRI brain scan.

This research does not involve any treatment or medications.

Compensation will be provided for participation in the study.



-        are 18-40 years old

-        are not currently taking any antidepressants

-        right handed


For more information, call 412-624-5541 or email at gilchristd@upmc.edu.





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