Attention Bias Modification for Transdiagnostic Anxiety



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Current Studies


* Attention Bias Modification for Transdiagnostic Anxiety

Assessment Only:

* Emotion/Physiology

* Emotion Regulation in Depression Study


Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are looking for adults with significant anxiety to participate in a research study. The study examines a novel computer-based intervention designed to reduce anxiety. Over a 1-month period, participants will complete a clinical interview, questionnaires, an fMRI brain scan, and repeated practice on a computer-based task.  

This research study does not involve any medications or talk therapy. Compensation of up to $270 will be provided.



-        are 18-55 years old

-        are not currently taking any antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication


For more information, please call the University of Pittsburgh Neuroimaging and Treatment Outcome Lab at 412-624-5541 and leave a message.




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