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CATS Study Information:


The aim of this project is to study how talk therapy influences children and adolescents with anxiety disorders.

The study combines state-of-the-art measures from neuroscience, measures of mood and behavior in natural environments, and measures of family and social context all within a developmentally-framed study.

Researchers hope to gain a better understanding of how the brain works, in order to improve interventions for children with anxiety.


                                                                  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

      A structured talk therapy that utilizes specific techniques and tasks to help children reach their goals and reduce anxiety.

                                                                       Child Centered Therapy (CCT)

      A supportive talk therapy designed to attend specifically to the problems of anxiety the child wants to address. This therapy does not follow a set plan.

   Pre-treatment Assessments:

     Assessments include interviews, computer questionnaires, a fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking tasks.

    Post-treatment Assessments:

     These assessments are the same as the pre-treatment assessments and take place after completion of therapy and at 1 and 2 year follow up visits.

      Sleep therapy-a 6-8 session sleep therapy is offered to children suffering from sleep probems after the initial treatment has ended. 

Study Benefits: