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Cognition, Psychopathology, and Recent Pupil Studies [pdf version] [Web page]

Pupillometers Iscan Inc makes our pupillometer
ASL makes the model 504 eyetracker we use with concurrent fMRI

Other pupillometers are made by Scicope and Procyon 
A variety of handheld pupilometers are used more in clinical research and are manufactured by Colvard, Essilor, Pupilscan, Xintian, and Eyecheck.

A pinhole pupilometer can also be made very inexpensively as a learning tool.

Physiological Measurement The Society for Psychophysiological Research
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We collaborate with the Cognitive Clinical Neuroscience Lab,
Alcoholism and Genetics Program (Shirley Y. Hill, Ph.D.), &
Neurobehavioral Toxicology (Lisa A. Morrow, Ph.D.)

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