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Youth and Family Research Program

Community Resources

This section provides an overview of resources in the community that may be of interest to the teenagers, young adults, and parents who are participating in our studies.  Detailed resource information may be obtained by clicking one of the general topic titles listed below.

Remember this is a tool to help lead readers in the right directions and individual programs may need to be contacted directly for specific questions.  When possible, this contact information has been provided.

While we attempt to keep the information listed her up-to-date and accurate, the resources/program information and eligibility requirements listed here are subject to change without notice.


Image for "Understanding ADHD"   Understanding ADHD
Information on and resources for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Image for "Where to Get Help"   Where to Get Help
Find healthcare resources, crisis services, family resources, and financial help
Image for "How to Pay for Healthcare"   How to Pay for Healthcare
Different resources for you to pay for your healthcare needs
Image for "Education Help"   Education Help
Financial aid, education rights, area universities and colleges
Image for "Job Help"   Job Help
Vocational counseling, job search help, and unemployment compensation
Image for "Legal Services"   Legal Services
Legal clinics and lawyer referral services
Image for "Resources for Professionals"   Resources for Professionals
Different resources for professionals treating individuals with ADHD and other disorders
Image for "Links"   Information Links
A list of helpful websites in a variety of topics from national organizations relating to mental health and education.
  rent Housing Resources
Different resources for finding the right house or apartment for your budget.


Questions or suggestions regarding the resources listed here?

Please contact Tracey Wilson, Program Coordinator, by e-mail with any questions or suggestions.

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