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Current Studies


* Buprenorphine for TRD

* Mifepristone for Psychotic Depression (CORCEPT)

Assessment Only:

* Emotion/Physiology


Robert Howland, M.D.

     Dr. Howland is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry with clinical and research experience in psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and novel and alternative therapies for mood and anxiety disorders.

Greg Siegle, Ph. D.

     Dr. Siegle is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and directs the Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience (PICAN).  Dr. Siegle's research examines brain mechanisms of depression and how they change in validated and novel treatments which target these mechanisms. He is the principal investigator on multiple NIMH funded research protocols.

Timothey Denko, M.D.

Dr. Denko is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Kenyon College and a MD from the University of Cincinnati.

Coordinator - Crystal Spotts, M.ED.


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