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(if open to public) Pennsylvania Everyday Lives Conference Keynote Speaker, Hershey Lodge, Hershey PA.

Time: 1:00PM

Date: Sept. 14, 2016





03-15-16 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine "The Neurobiology of Disease: Lecture on Autism"
01-21-16 Massachusetts Neurology Grand Rounds "Understanding Autism"
10-22-15 2nd Annual North Dakota ASD Conference "North Dakota-Moving Forward Together"
09-28-15 Pediatric Epidemiology Course Autism Lecture "The ASD in All People"
08-26-15 Pittsburgh Public Schools 2015 Arts Summit "Teaching the Arts to Students with Autism"
03-11-15 Autism Research Institute (ARI) Webinar "ICONz® Intervention for school-aged children"
09-13-14 Autism Conferences of America-Arizona "Back to School and More" Autism/Aspergers Conference "Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and Enriched Supportive Therapy for Adolescents and Adults with ASD" and "ICONz® Intervention for Adolescents and Adults with ASD"
12-12-13 Shadyside Hospital Foundation Board: UPMC Shadyside "An Update on the Causes and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders"
10-26-13 Autism Society of Northwest Pa.-Autism in our Community Conference "The Science of Autism: Transformative Advances Paving the Way to a New Future of Treatment and Care"
09-26-13 Autism-Europe Hungarian Autistic Society-10th International Congress "Milestones in Autism Research: Clues to the Future of Treatment"
03-09-13 Lindamood-Bell 18th International Conference "The Science of Autism: Transformative Advances in the Making"
01-12-13 Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Conference "Six New Things About Autism That Will Influence the Future"
12-04-12 Prairie St. John's Fall Workshop "A Different Sense of Reality: Helping Professionals Understand the Brain & Mind in ASD"
10-25-12 Kennedy Krieger Institute Center for Autism and Related Disorder's 12th Annual Autism Conference "Information Processing & Brain Connectivity in ASD"
10-10-12 Parents in Toto-Heroes for Autism Benefit "My Life in Autism: Ideas, Information and Hope"
05-18-12 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) "Biology-Based Intermediate Phenotypes in Autism: Hope or Hype?"
03-01-12 Case Western Reserve University "The Evolution of Autism Research: A child Neurologist's Perspective"
02-21-12 University of Utah Neuroscience Seminar "What we don't know about autism"
09-16-11 Annual American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons-Symposium on the Special Needs Patient "Current Concepts in Autism"
05-04-11 Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7 & University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg "ASD: Research to Practice in the 21st Century"


Simons Initiative on Autism and the Brain at MIT and the Autism Consortium

"Importance of Autism As A Neurologic Disorder: Implications For Understanding Cause and For Intervention"


17th Annual Lindamood-Bell® International Conference

"The Pathway to New Interventions for ASD: Defining Mechanisms and Translation to Treatments"


PACT 4 Families Collaborative "9th Annual Brain Conference"

"How do the brain & mind think & feel in autism"

11-04-10 Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium

"ASD: Research to Practice in the 21st Century"


Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium

"From Diagnosis to Intervention: Translating Research Into Practice"


Kennedy Krieger Institute

"New Advancements in Autism Diagnosis and Intervention" (no slides)


Medical and Health Sciences Foundation (MHSF) & Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS), Pittsburgh

"Autism panel discussion with experts from CMU and Pitt"


IX International Congress, Autism-Europe

"Neural Basis of Autism"


Autism Society of Vermont & University of Vermont

"Understanding How the Mind & Brain Think in Autism"


Autism Society of Minnesota

"Autism Today: Where We Are & Where We're Going"    


Sharon Regional Behavioral Health Services

"Understanding How the Mind & Brain Think in Autism"


FBR Bridges to Hope Autism Awareness Night

"Understanding Causes and Treatments of ASD in the Next 25 Years"


Autism for our Neurosciences and Mental Health Programme,

"Understanding ASD in the 21st Century: Putting the Pieces Together" 


ASHA Division I Language Learning Education

"How the Brain Thinks in Autism: Implications for Language Intervention"


Autism Course for PGY 2 Adult Psychiatry Residents

"Neurologic Basis of Autism"


ARC Annual National "Inspiring Innovation: With Adversity Comes Opportunity"

"How the Brain in Autism Defines the World: A Different Sense of Reality"


Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL)

"The Details are in the Connections: Deciphering Heterogeneity in ASD"


Wesley Spectrum Services Night for Autism

"Autism in the 21st Century"


2009 PA Immunization Conference

"The State of Autism Research:  What Do We Know?


Cold Spring Harbor Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder

"Adults with Autism"


Bowling Green State University - One Day Summit on Autism

"Understanding how the Mind and Brain think in Autism"

"The Cause of Autism: Its Footprint Tells"

"Medical Consultation Medical Aspects of Autism-Meeting with Physicians"


3rd International Conference "Communication; the key to success"

"How Does the Mind and Brain Think in Autism"

"The Causes of Autism:  Its Footprint Tells"


APA Annual Meeting

"Neuropsychiatry Advances in Autism"


International Society for Autism Research 2009 (IMFAR)

"Facial Recognition, Configural Processing and Concept Formation in High-Functioning Autism"


Autism Course for PGY 5 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows

"Autism as a Developmental Neurobiologic Disorder"


Autism Society of America, Manchester Chapter

"Autism: What We Know; Important Research Developments"


Autism Course for PGY 4 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows

"Neurobiologic Basis of Autism"


Wolfson Children’s Hospital Autism Grand Rounds

"How do the brain & mind think & feel in autism?"

"What is the Cause of Autism: The Footprint Tells"


Wolfson Children’s Hospital Autism Symposium,

"Autism: From Men & Mice"


University of Pittsburgh NIMH Fellowship Program

"Recognizing Autism and the New Concepts about Neurobiology"


University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg campus

"Autism: What We Know"


UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment

"Autism: From Men and Mice With Wise Comments from Mars"


Allegheny General Hospital Grand Rounds

"An Integration of the Neurobiology of Autism "


Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Neurology Grand Rounds

"From Behavioral Neurology to Neurobiology of Autism"


Autism Course for PGY 2 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows

"Neurologic Basis of Autism”


35th Annual Carnegie Mellon Meeting,

"Organizing Principles For Future Research in Autism:

Where Do We Go From Here?"


ACT – Autism Community Trainings Focus on Research

"Social Interactions, Sensory & Information Processing, and Genetic Discoveries in ASD,

What is research telling us?"


UPMC Depression Prevention Program and Carnegie Mellon University

Mental Health and Wellness Lecture Series

"Autism: What We Know"


Orange County Department of Education

"The Neurologic Basis of Behavior in ASD:

Implications for Learning & Intervention"


Orange County Department of Education

"How Individuals with ASD Think and See the World & Recent Scientific Advances"


The 12th annual National Autism Conference: Progress Through Partnership

"Medical complications of autism and the Autism Treatment Network"


Minot State University, web cast for professionals

"Autism: A Neurologist's View"


Minot State University, web cast for parents

“How The Brain in Autism Defines The World: A Different Sense of Reality”


2007-2008 Autism and Developmental Disorders Colloquium Series

"Autism as a widespread disorder of neural connectivity and information processing"


Child Development Unit Grand Rounds

“Important Developments in Autism”


Medical Genetics Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

"Current Scientists’ Perspectives of Autism"


The Hope Learning Center

"Understanding Thinking in Autism: The Key to Success in Communication & Intervention"


4th Annual Glenwood Endowed Lecture

"Identifying the Cognitive & Neurologic Basis of Autism:

Single or Multiple Primary Deficits? Few or Many?"


American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 2008 Annual Meeting,

"Autism as a Disruption in Neurocognitive Connectivity".


LADDERS/Massachusetts General Hospital for Children Current Trends in Autism (CTIA) Conference,

"Autism as a Disorder of Neural Circuitry & Information Processing"


Cafe Scientifique

"Autism: A Compelling Neuroscience Window on Brain Circuitry & Human Function"


Maternal Child Health Symposium

"Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders:  What Do You Need to Know"



Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 16th Annual International Conference

"Visual Processing from Perception to Cognition in Autism: Implications for Intervention & Function"


University of Pittsburgh, Biological Bases of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

"Discovering the Mind and the Brain in ASD"


University of Louisville School of Medicine and Research

"Autism: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We're Going"


Three Rivers Youth Group

Autism: What it is, What it isn't”


Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, MIND Institute, UC Davis Medical Center

The Cognitive Basis of Behavior in ASD: Implications for Learning and  Intervention”


The 10th annual National Autism Conference: Progress Through Partnership,

ASD: A Different Way of Thinking and Feeling Leads to a Different View

of the World: Improving intervention and quality of life”


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