autism staff PJ McCarroll, MSW
Program Coordinator (2005), earned her degree in Psychology from Ohio University and her Masters of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas. Mrs. McCarroll supervises the research specialists, data coordinator and the administrative assistant, and is also responsible for facilitating communication between our laboratories.
autism staff Maralee Litschge, MSW
Research Project Clinician (2010) earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Litschge is responsible for the implementation of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and Enriched SupportiveTherapy to participants in the PERSPECTIVES research project. Ms. Litschge has over 8 years of experience working with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and adult psychiatric patients with schizophrenia and other disorders. Ms. Litschge has also acquired research experience by working on protocols that focus on the treatment of adults with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
autism staff Shannon Porton, M.Ed.
Research Project Clinician (2012) earned her degree in Health Services and her Master's in Education Teaching and Leadership from Point Park University. Shannon is responsible for enrollment and tracking for the PERSPECTIVES Program. She also provides Enriched Supportive Therapy (EST) as well as Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) to individuals enrolled in the PERSPECTIVES research program. .
autism staff John J. Markiewicz III, AS
Research Data Coordinator (2002), earned his degrees, one in Computer Information Technology-Networking and one in Math and Science from the Community College of Allegheny County. Mr. Markiewicz creates and maintains the subject and test data for the research project and clinic, as well as the office computers and printers.
autism staff Michelle Perrin, MBA
Marketing Coordinator (2008) earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications from Point Park University and her master's degree in Business Administration from The University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Perrin is responsible for study recruitment including creating and placing advertisements, copywriting, and acting as an informational liaison between organizations and the research project. She is also responsible for the preparation and submission of research protocols to ensure they adhere to Institutional Review Board regulations.
autism staff Jennifer Walsh, PhD
Research Specialist for the ASCEND program (2015), earned her PhD in Psychology from McMaster University in Ontario Canada in 2014.  Ms.Walsh is responsible for completing eligibility assessments with potential participants and performing neuropsychological assessments with research participants.
autism staff Joshua Golt, BS
Research Specialist for the Perspectives and ADDIRC program , as well as study coordinator for the ASSET study (2016), earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Florida State University. Mr. Golt is responsible for screening potential participants and conducting clinical assessments, MRIs, neuropsychological assessments and behavioral coding of patient videos from the WPIC inpatient unit.
autism staff Kelsey Cowles, BA
Research Assistant (2016) earned her bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Cornell University. Kelsey assists Drs. Minshew, Eack, and Mazefsky and is responsible for scheduling meetings, and appointments, administrative tasks, purchasing and general day-to-day operations. She is also involved in data entry, verification and management.



autism staff Nicholas Resciniti, MPH
Research Project Assistant/Recruiter (2017) earned his bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida and his master's degree in Public Health from The University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Resciniti is responsible for contacting prospective participants, conducting phone screen interviews as well as scheduling participants for various testing.

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