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The Autism Treatment Network (ATN) is the nation's first network of hospitals and multidisciplinary professionals aimed at bridging gaps in knowledge and understanding and improving medical treatment for individuals with autism. Through the ATN, children receive comprehensive care from professionals who have extensive experience working with the medical issues that arise with autism. In keeping with the collaborative nature of the ATN, professionals in the network share current best practices with a wide variety of other clinical programs and have a real commitment to treatment – based on strong clinical experience – and to finding better ways to identify and manage the health of children with autism.

What are we doing at the Collaborative Autism Institute?

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, an ATN Network member, has linked two highly productive autism research programs to form the Collaborative Autism Institute, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of autism and related disorders.

The Autism Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic serve preschoolers, children, and adolescents who have or are suspected of having autism, pervasive developmental disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and related disorders. The two programs offer diagnostic evaluations, family support, parent training, behavioral consultation, resources and information, and medication management.

The Collaborative Autism Institute also provides access to a range of medical services addressing sleep, gastrointestinal, genetic-metabolic, and immune disorders often associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Children and their families who enroll in the ATN will participate in a research study that will follow the child’s medical treatment for up to three years. Participants will receive a comprehensive diagnostic and medical evaluation and return annually for follow-up. In addition, families may be contacted in the future regarding other research opportunities.

Referrals to the UPMC Autism Treatment Network should be directed to:

For families with a child age 7 and under: 412-692-8404
For families with a child age 8 and above: 412-235-54


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