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Is there a cost involved?

         No, in fact, some adult studies include airfare, travel and hotel expenses.

         Participants can receive up to $200 for their time, depending on the number of studies they participate in.


Where does the actual testing take place?

         Most of the testing takes place on the University of Pittsburgh campus, five miles from downtown Pittsburgh. A few of the tests are at the Scientific Imaging and Brain Research Center (SIBR) on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Te study provides transportation to the other sites.

         Some of the studies can be conducted over the phone.

         Some in-home observations of infants take pl
in local Pittsburgh homes.


What is involved?

         Participants will receive a diagnostic, neuropsychological, and language evaluation. All results and information are kept strictly confidential.

         Depending on the studies one is eligible for, participants will complete selected neuropsychological tests, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), eye movement tests, and optional blood sample.

         Depending on the studies one is eligible for, total time commitment can range from two to four days.

         Appointments can be scheduled for half-day or full-day sessions, including evening and Saturday appointments.


Can I participate in more than one study?

         Individuals can participate in as many studies as they are eligible. Participants previously ineligible may now be eligible. New studies are continuously added; therefore, prior participants may return.


Why should I participate in the studies?

         By participating, you may help improved medical treatment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

         You may help make changes in public policy.

         You may help increased community services.

         You may help improved public perception and awareness.

         You will help enhance research and technology.

         You may help expand training and support.

         You will help the researcher gain a better understanding of autism spectrum disorders.



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