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Woman with Back Pain

ADAPT (Addressing Depression And Pain Together) is a clinical trial for older adults living with chronic low back pain and depression.  We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and are funded by the National Institute of Health.  Our aim is to improve care for people 60 and older who are living with these problems.

About the Study

Among older adults, chronic low back pain (CLBP) and depression (the blues): 1) often go “hand-in-hand”, 2) are risk factors for each other, 3) make each other worse, 4) slow each others’ rate of remission, and 5) increase each others’ risk of recurrence.  It has not been determined the best way to treat these conditions when they are both present.  The research question to be answered by ADAPT is: What is the best way to reduce pain, improve mood, and enhance overall functioning for older adults living with both of these problems?