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Annual Visit Year 5


  • Interview

      The Annual Follow-Up Interview gathers a wide range of information about: medications and hormones taken, diet, medical procedures, menstrual cycles, social support, employment, family, and more.


  • Self-Administered Questionnaire, Part A

      This form, filled out by the participant, collects data regarding: physical and mood symptoms, life style, physical activity, smoking, sleep, and more.


  • Self-Administered Questionnaire, Part B

      This is a self-administered questionnaire that inquires about current sexual activity including, sexual desire, sexual arousal, reasons for engaging in sex, or reasons for not being sexually active.


  • Physical Measures

      These measures include height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, and blood pressure.


  • The Food Frequency Interview

      The Food Frequency Interview records multiple aspects of a participant's diet and eating habits.


  • Bone Scan

      A bone scan is conducted annually to measure bone mineral density of the spine, hip, and whole body. These scans are important in learning more about changes in bone density and osteoporosis.


  • Blood Draw

      A blood sample is taken to determine cholesterol, other fats, blood sugar, insulin, sex hormones, immune function, and clotting factors.

    In two to three months women will receive results and feedback to their Food Frequency Interview, Bone Scan, and Blood Draw. Any anomalous readings will be highlighted for the participant.


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